The ‘No Matter Which Direction the Market Moves, You’ll Make Money!’ FOREX Webinar

  1. 1.
    suzuki says:

    How much is it?

  2. 2.
    Taniela Vi says:

    Yes, how much is it?

  3. 3.
    daniel says:

    Ok I have seen the video heard the reviews. Now how do I get hold of this and what cost? can i try it first?

  4. 4.
    ahmad says:

    How much is it?

  5. 5.
    Jody says:

    its what i need cause am having a rough time trading during major announcements, how much is it?

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    fyuj says:


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    Patrick says:

    How do I get a copy?

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    forexmatrix says:

    I really impressed….. I was looking to an EA to follow news ta take trades.

    I am really interested, just want to know the overall cost.

    Tank you

  9. 9.
    Martin Ottosson says:

    It sure would be interesting to try it out!

  10. 10.
    Samuel says:

    I like what I saw in the video, but how was the trade made? and which broker accepts the software and how can I get the trader?

    Reply by dustin

    The software works with any MT4 station and the orders are input automatically by the software. We will be providing information at the end of this webinar recording on how to get it.

  11. 11.
    Jerry Grant says:

    You are misleading your viewers because, more often than not, the mkt kicks BOTH ways initially and then moves in one or the other – by which time BOTH your orders are activated and you are therefore losing! Further, if Dan made $500 on one trade on a $500 account, he is overtrading dangerously and he will crash and burn!

    Reply by dustin

    Jerry, this is unlike a typical straddle software. We have a news feed piped into it and if the news comes out with minimal deviation which is what can cause that whipsaw effect you speak of it removes the the straddle orders. That is what makes it so powerful. It can also only remove one straddle order. For instance, lets say you were trading NFP and the deviation from expected came out way more than expected. That would cause a rise in the GBPUSD. That being said we would remove the sell order only and that would happen within milliseconds of the data being released.

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    sujet says:


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    Brian Coffelt says:

    I am very very interested in this product, how do I get a chance to get onboard?

    Brian Coffelt

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    Igor says:


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    Selim says:

    Price and how to enroll please ?

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    Ranko says:

    How much and how to get it?

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    Hideyuki Mashima says:

    How much and how to get it?

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    Joan Reig says:

    Ok I have seen the video heard the reviews. Now how do I get hold of this and what cost? can i try it first?

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    Mark says:

    How much would it cost to buy the straddle trader software?