Hello and welcome! My name is Dustin Pass and together with Barry Battista we have put together an amazing training site for you and it all starts with this special report. This Special Report is about one of the most profitable and consistent Forex strategies we’ve ever utilized. That being said you will want to read this entire report because we will explain this strategy fully! Additionally, we have a few bonus items that you can find at the bottom of this page.  Once you have read through this report please select only 3 of the bonus items. 

Now Back to the strategy at hand, this strategy is the brainchild of a trader named Barry Battista. Barry is a dedicated trader who started from ‘square one’ who used simple observation of market behavior, and combined this with his programming background to create an trading algorithm that is amazingly profitable and removes the vast majority of problems associated with trading.

The reason this strategy is gaining such rapid popularity is because it eliminates the need to “guess” which direction the market is going to go, and when it is going to do it, which is what trips up most traders. With this strategy, you don’t need to understand any of the complexities of why the markets react when they move. You don’t need to understand technical analysis, and you don’t have to place unnecessarily risky trades in order to win. In short, this strategy addresses all of the traditional limitations and challenges of trading!..

To help you understand why this strategy works so well, and how it works, we asked Barry to explain his strategy in simple, clear terms so you can make an informed decision about whether or not this trading strategy is appropriate for you, given your unique circumstances, trading style, and the amount of time you have available for trading.

The benefits of this strategy are numerous and compelling:

  • You don’t have to know why the market is moving in order to make money
  • You don’t have to know which direction the market is going to go
  • You don’t need to install, understand, or interpret any indicators
  • You can be completely ignorant of how FOREX works, yet Experience success
  • It does not matter which direction the market moves, you will profit either way!
  • Over three years of fine tuning, testing, and profit making have gone into this strategy, designed to eliminate guesswork from trading.
  • This strategy is easy so that anyone willing to learn can do it and make good money

Let’s get right to it!

You Don’t Have To Know Why the Market Is Moving In Order To Make Money

Almost daily, governments around the world release economic news releases, and they have the ability to move the markets significantly. Or not at all. But when they do, you can make a significant amount of money! The psychology and economic dynamics of WHY the market moves isn’t important at all, and does not need to be understood to make money with this strategy.

There are two main strategies you can use to remove most of that risk, they don’t require software however both are made significantly easier by software created and published by ForexTradersDaily. The most popular (until now) has been with software called OracleTrader. Access to OracleTrader is very limited, and registration is not available at this time. This new strategy, called StraddleTrader started out as a compliment to OracleTrader, but in fact it may eclipse OracleTrader in the long run, and in this report, we intend to explain how it works and why it stands alone as a superior news trading strategy.

Below is Barry’s story in which he explains the history and effectiveness of StraddleTrader Pro.

Barry’s Story

“In my earlier life, I owned a company with a couple friends. The company was sold in 2005. Not sure what to do next, I was introduced to Forex trading by a business acquaintance. I took a 1 1/2 day class for $5000 (!) and then opened an account with $5000. The company I was working with had their own proprietary charts and signals. They charged $350/month for the charting service. They also had a trade room you could report to and listen over a PA system to their trade calls. I did this religiously 5 days per week, getting in around 8:00 AM and staring at charts till about noon, occasionally entering a trade.

After four months or so, my $5000 account had about $300 left in it. Thinking the FOREX business was not for me, I cancelled their service and began looking at consulting as a livelihood. Then I received an email from a guy I never heard of, Dustin Pass, explaining a different style of trading. With only $300 left in the account to lose, trying it seemed like a no-brainer. Over the next couple months I noticed that trades I made using Dustin’s strategy seemed to make me money, and those I did using other strategy would lose money. This strategy would come to be known as OracleTrader. After a couple months of this, it was clear that I should put more money in the account and trade with OracleTrader exclusively.

I funded the account with 10k and started consistently making money. Unfortunately, though I did well, it was not enough money to pay my rather high monthly bills. We had 2 kids in college at the time. Depositing substantially more money seemed to be the answer. So that’s what I did. This was in October of 2006. After a brief rocky start, the trading profits started pouring in, and I have been doing News Trading as my primary source of income ever since. But at one point about three years ago, the success faltered somewhat, and so I created a solution.

Let me give you some background: my first 15 years out of college were spent writing code, so I am very familiar with programming techniques that reduce the likelihood of bugs and generate reusable modules that can be mixed and matched to create new functionality. Before I started news trading, I was purchasing many Expert Advisors (EAs), but as it turned out, my purchases did nothing but fatten the wallets of the authors. The authors were inaccessible when I was having issues, and they appeared to make their money via sales, not the use of their own products. StraddleTrader is very different in that regard in that it was created to be used successfully by real traders; it was NOT created with marketing and sales in mind.

The 2008 / 2009 financial and global economic meltdown created that faltering income situation, so that was the real impetus for creation of StraddleTrader. I saw a need and began programming a solution to fill it, and StraddleTrader evolved into the strategy we are making available now to the general public. Over the last 36 months or so, it has been fine tuned into a trading weapon which, if used properly, has generated large profits for its users.

We needed a tool that could get us into trades at news times (when the economic news releases hit the streets), that was not impacted by spike direction, and which was not susceptible to ‘requotes’ – meaning the broker doesn’t place an order at the price they said they would fill it at, instead they quote you a new price, a.k.a a ‘requote’.

Another issue that we saw during the ‘meltdown’ of 2008 was that some trades, such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) news trades started spiking the ‘wrong’ way because the information they conveyed suddenly held a different connotation given the state of the world’s economies. Now, StraddleTrader in its current form would be unaffected by this, as it does not care which way the spike goes, only that there is a spike.

By late 2009 I had an idea for an Expert Advisor (EA) that I thought could help us with news trading. Ideas were bounced off a friend who was also doing everything possible to make a go of it at the time. In early 2010 I had created the first version of a simple StraddleTrader EA. We started using it with mixed success. Over time, as we encountered different issues or scenarios, I would modify the code and we would try it again.

By late 2010, the EA had turned into a quite sophisticated trading software. Along the way, code was added to account for issues we encountered involving order entry timing, spreads, margin, speed of exit, and other issues we dealt with that prevented us from being more profitable. Code was also added to help with specific trades and other behaviors we observed.

By the fall of 2010, the software began to make us a substantial amount of money. I do maybe 15 or 16 StraddleTrader trades per month, with some being better than others. Of these, maybe 10 will actually go live and return a profit, but that is plenty of trades to make a significant amount of money.

Now, my colleagues and I (those who eagerly helped me test and fine tune the new advanced features) have been using the StraddleTrader with tremendous success. We have been able to generate consistent profits, sometimes quite large, and keep losses to a bare minimum. So now we are yielding to the increasing demands of the traders who want access to a fully supported, “supercharged” version of StraddleTrader.

I will continue to develop the product as we encounter issues or see market behavior begin to change. Over time, different trades come and go in perceived importance by the worlds big market movers. Occasionally there are software improvements or changes that can capitalize on these behavioral changes. I am highly motivated to keep the code fine tuned to these changes because I use it as my primary source of income.

Be aware that there are many StraddleTrader type EAs out on the market now, and the early iterations of this one were not substantially different from others out there. But since I am a ‘news trader’ of 6 years, and intimately familiar with the behaviors of the different news events, and a programmer by trade, I was able to customize StraddleTrader to capitalize on each and every trade. As a consequence, it has generated substantial profits thus far and has proven itself to be far superior to anything out there in the marketplace.

Here’s The Basics of How This Strategy Works:

The economists provide an estimate of each news release about a week in advance. The price of the pair moves slowly during the week to account for the estimate. In the mean time, the actual value of the news item, say Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for example, is calculated by a governing body. At a particular day and time, the governing body releases the actual value of the item to the world.

If the actual data value(s) are close enough to the estimated value(s), there is very little movement caused in the target currency pairs because the market had correctly anticipated the news and adjusted accordingly beforehand. But the more the actual value deviates from the estimated value, the bigger the adjustment, or spike, will be to compensate for the difference. If we get a spike big enough to hit one of our stop orders, we then have an extremely good live trade, and we’re ‘off to the races’!

If there is no spike, or in other words the estimate and actual were very close to each other, the StraddleTrader software’s job is to get your pending orders cleared out as fast as possible to prevent either from going live.

One of the biggest challenges we faced in the development of the StraddleTrader was to provide a mechanism to get the pending orders out really fast in the event the news release did not cause a spike. Some news events come out a few seconds late, and some news releases have multiple components or data points which do not necessarily come out at the exact same time.

The solution? Our approach to this was to build an interface into the Pro version to multiple news release data feeds, so the software is intelligent enough to know when the news release actually happens, instead of just looking for the change in market direction.

Now, with the right setup parameters, you are assured that your pending orders will be taken out much faster than any manual approach could accomplish, giving you yet another tool to protect you from losses. This turns the StraddleTrader into a very effective weapon in the battle for greater profits and fewer losses.

The basic concept behind the StraddleTrader is to enter a Buy stop and Sell stop order as close to the release of a major news announcement as possible, preferably with a second or less to go before the announcement. This is a simple concept, but obviously timing is very important. Without the right software, it is impossible to time these big moves because it all happens so fast.

A stop order is nothing more than a pending market order, placed at some distance above and/or below the current price of a particular pair and that will be changed to a live order if the pair moves up or down far enough to hit the order entry price. The order will be taken in as a Buy if the market price moves up enough to hit its entry price. Or the order will be taken in as a Sell if the market moves down far enough to hit its entry price.

The StraddleTrader software places both a Buy stop and a Sell stop a close distance away from the current price of the pair. The orders are placed as close to the release time of a major news event as possible to reduce the likelihood that normal pre-news market movement will cause one of the orders to become a live order before the news announcement is released. How close the orders are placed to the news event is in the users control with settable parameters built into the software.

Once one of the orders goes live, the StraddleTrader attempts to assist by removing the other (still pending) order if the live order becomes profitable by 5 pips or more and also sets the live order stop loss to zero at that point. It is up to you as the user to take the live order out at whatever time you want, depending on your appetite for profits. There is a StraddleTrader Pro function built in to handle this.

Why You Don’t Have To Know Which Direction the Market Is Going To Go

In the ideal scenario, the news item is released deviating substantially from the analysts estimates, causing a large (20 pips or more) spike in the price of the pair in one direction or the other. Which way it spikes is irrelevant since we have two pending orders, one in each direction.

Upon spiking, one order is taken in and is instantly substantially profitable, while the StraddleTrader takes out the other pending order. In this scenario, there is no anxiety about the trade. The news comes out, and as fast as things update on your trading station, you are highly profitable. It’s an amazing phenomenon to watch, and I never fail to get very excited when it happens.

Your ability to profit from this style of trading has one major component and a few smaller ones. Crucial is that you remain aware of the probability of success behind each trade. You will have all the information to determine which releases are really good ones and which are riskier because it is provided by us, and over time you must develop a comfort level with a particular number of lots that you are willing to trade on the very best trades, lowering them as recommended on the riskier trades.

Don’t take unnecessary risks by trading on too much margin or overextending yourself! This will vastly improve your odds for profitability by enabling you to make more money on the ‘good’ releases, and lose less on ones that tend to not be as reliable. Of course some of the less reliable news releases do make profits, and once in awhile you will take a loss on a good one, but this whole trading style is based on vastly improving the probabilities of success, and the odds are strongly in your favor as long as you use this tool..

Additionally, your skills in setting up the StraddleTrader as well as your familiarity with the functions of your trading station are important to get the most out of the trades. The most complicated thing about this strategy is just setting the numerous parameters that are available, but most traders just accept the defaults.

To make things easier, those who use the full version of the software will be provided templates that set all of the necessary parameters to optimum safe setting, but you can deviate from these if you wish. But if you set it up wrong, you might take a loss, so it is strongly suggested that you attend the StraddleTrader Pro training course that we have created, so that you FULLY understand each and every setting and parameter. We created the software to be extremely flexible and adaptable to cover nearly ever circumstance that can arise in news trading, which is why it has taken nearly two years to develop.

We are in the process of creating a valuable training webinar that will walk you through all of the most important software features. This will really help you understand the software so you can use it for maximum effectiveness. Make sure you add forextradersdaily.com to your email ‘whitelist’ or safe senders list right now to ensure you get the webinar notification.

Your potential profits are based on your available margin and comfort level with using that margin. Over time, as your trading skills and broker comfort level increase, your willingness to trade heavier will also increase. There is no magic formula for how much you need to deposit in order to make a particular amount of money. It is driven primarily by your style, personality, and determination to make it work.

What Is Worst Case Scenario For Any Given Trade?

We want you to be aware of ‘worst case’ scenario. While this is taboo from marketing perspective, I want you to have a realistic picture of the opportunity that is available to you.

The worst case scenario is if both stop orders go live at the same time. This is called a hedge. Fortunately, your loss is limited to the difference between the two orders, which is usually about 20 or 25 pips. There is no rush to get the orders out at this point because as the pair moves up or down, one will get more positive as the other gets more negative. They move together. This can happen if the pair whipsaws (starts one way and then spikes far back the other way) or if your broker’s spread grows enormously (30 or 40 pips) between the time StraddleTrader enters the stop orders and the time the news is released. These situations happen very rarely, but it does happen, so you should be aware of it.

You Can Be Completely Ignorant of How FOREX Works, and Experience Success

A trader does not need any background in Foreign Exchange trading in order to become a successful StraddleTrader trader. The trader must simply select a broker and download a copy of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform, and become familiar with how to enter and exit trades. All brokers offer demo accounts for traders to be able to become proficient at this. Next the trader needs to procure a copy of the StraddleTrader software and become familiar with its functionality. There are videos and tutorials on how it works which will be provided at no charge for those on the interest list, which you are now on if you registered to receive this Special Report.

Then, once the trader is familiar with the MT4 station and the StraddleTrader capabilities, they simply need to follow the blog posts on www.ForexTradersDaily.com to understand the significance of each trade as it relates to specifically what we do, and the settings for the StraddleTrader. This information is only available through this website, and is the culmination of years of experience applying these exact tools to the news trading business. I also recommend that you register to receive a notification each time a blog post is made on forextradersdaily.com. There is a simple form in the right margin of that site.

What about results and proof? Since a picture or video is worth a thousand words, we won’t go into great depth on my trading results using this software here in this report. However, you can watch the software in action and see for yourself how well the software works by navigating to the trade demonstration page. The link for that is found at the bottom of the article along with links to a webinar recording where we go into very deep detail about the entire trading strategy.


This is a great strategy with big profit potential when you use the StraddleTrader Pro software and the guidance we provide. While the number of trades are limited, because so many risk factors have been addressed, most experienced StraddleTrader users trade with significantly more lots than they might otherwise use, resulting in big gains. Obviously you will want to stay within risk guidelines that are comfortable for you, but this software and strategy has proven itself to be far superior to any other ”straddle” type software.

The fast gains are a joy to behold, and considering that virtually no FOREX knowledge is required to put it into use, this is the ideal tool for every trader who wants to increase their income! News Trading has never been more profitable, with little stress, and virtually no uncertainty.

We hope this Special Report has been very informative. Over the next few days, we will send you information via email with links so you can watch videos to see StraddleTrader Pro in action, and to let you know how you can get involved. When we launch StraddleTrader Pro, registration will be very limited, so keep your eyes on your email inbox for updates.

Please take a moment to let us know what you think of this Special Report by leaving your feedback BELOW the bonus section. Your input matters to us and drives us to do better!

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    DR Tyner says:

    I am familiar with Straddle trading & the algorytm to cancel opposide trade placement is interesting. Would be interested to know if it would also work with other markets? Don’t know why it wouldn’t. May need tweaking to set channel spread response for average movement I should think with average changes over time!

    Reply by admin

    Tyner, yes you can use the Straddle method on indices other than fx, if they are offered on your platform.

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    Chris smith says:

    I think that at the begining alot of money was put atrisk butin the end was all madefor the best